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Welcome to the homepages of On Line Eta, an on line chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. We welcome all visitors. We now have 34 members this chapter.

The Chapter Format: Sisters gather once a month for informal business meetings via E-mail. Programs and Socials are presented at meetings and are optional. OLETA has a Beta Buddies Program instead of Secret Sisters. Some of the sisters enjoy the OLETA Book Club and any OLETA sister is welcome to join the group at any time. OLETA sisters are a great group of sisters to get to know.

This is a chapter that can be an addition to your land chapter if you are active in a land chapter. Possibly you are a member at large or maybe you just have not had the time available during the day or evening to be part of an active land chapter. OLETA would be a good place to start as it has officially become a recognized (February 28, 2006) chapter by Beta Sigma Phi International. Now you can earn credit as a MAL while you belong to an on line chapter taking up less time and offering availability to you when a chapter in your area could not. We still encourage our members to try and find a land chapter for the physical friendship and bonding, yet we are there for as long as you need us.

On Line Eta will keep you in touch with our sisterhood. We, the members of the cyberspace chapters, look at our time on line as extra time to be involved with our sisterhood. This is a time we share our good times, our bad times, our jokes, recipes and sometimes just to say hi.

We also learn how things are done, not just in our little part of the world but YES worldwide. Now is a new and exciting time for Beta Sigma Phi, a time for sisters around the world to exchange ideas and thoughts.

We are really excited to have you join with us. We hope to form bonds that extend beyond once or twice a month meetings that land chapters offer to you!

Our ideals are no different from any land chapter -- The Good, The True and The Beautiful.

Every day, there are members just sharing themselves with each other. That time is often the most important time for all of us that belong to an on line chapter.

We hope that you do decide to join us and experience the same warm sisterhood that we share!

End Note: The Mailing List is automated. If you are a new member, you need to subscribe yourself to our Mailing List - Yahoogroups. An invitation to join the List will be sent to you after you apply On Line Try not to let your mailbox become full, or your E-mail address will bounce mail back to the List Admin/Moderators. Contact Karen Ing if you would like more information about joining the list.

 Bylaws of Online Eta Chapter

I. The Name of the organization shall be Online Eta Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi.

II. The purpose of this organization is to promote and strengthen BSP by developing and nurturing friendships, sharing the good and bad events in our lives, and having a meaningful discussion on topics of interest.

III. Membership is open to all active members and members-at-large of BSP in good standing (all International and chapter, if applicable, dues are paid). Normally, a member-at-large receives no credit for time served or meeting attendance. When a member joins an online chapter, they receive credit for time and meeting attendance. If they are a member of a land chapter and an online chapter at the same time, they are considered a virtual member in the online chapter, although they can use the online chapter to make up missed meetings in the land chapter.

IV. The officers of the online chapter for the chapter year that ends in December and commences in January shall be President, Vice President, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary for the chapter year ending in December and that commences in January. The election of officers shall be in November, the chapter notified in December and the officers installed at the chapter meeting in January. Executive Board meetings shall be held quarterly.

V. The standing committees of the online chapter shall be Program, Social, Service, and Newsletter. The President, with the assistance of the Executive Board, will appoint members to standing committees when there are not enough volunteers. The Program Chairperson, with the help of the Vice President, will appoint members to give a program, on a rotating basis, when there are not enough volunteers. The Social Chairperson will announce an online activity, i.e., games, questions, websites for enjoyment, during a majority of the meetings. A book club will take place. Buddies will be exchanged for those members interested.

VI. The online chapter meeting will be held on the third Tuesday and Wednesday of the month for all twelve months. Any member may have an item placed on the agenda by contacting the President three days before the meeting. Failing this, the item should be brought forth early in the meeting. Voting on agenda items will be on an official voting page; all members of the online chapter have voting privileges. In all cases, the book of BSP will be followed. Absentee rules are according to book of BSP.

Traditions of Online Eta Chapter

I. An annual donation for life members of approximately $5.00 for the Torch will be sent directly to BSP International.

II. Special Buddies are exchanged for those members who wish to participate. Special Buddies are paired from January to December each year.

III. A memorial service is held as needed for those sisters who passed away during the year.

IV. Members shall acknowledge each other online with the following:
I am thy sister or Mizpah or Beta hugs or Sisterly

V. Special Recognition for Woman of the Year:

Nominees for Woman of the Year will take place during the month of February. A Woman of the Year shall be recognized by our chapter and decided by a point system to be developed. The most number of points will determine the nominees. All members of the chapter will then vote.
The past Woman of the year along with another member appointed by the President will count the votes. The winner will be announced at the April meeting. In the event of a tie, a runoff vote will take place at the March meeting of those members involved in the tied vote. All point sheets and votes (without the name of the voter) shall be kept for 30 days.

VI. Members shall follow the following courtesies:

Shall treat each other with kindness and dignity
Shall not use profanity
Shall allow time for replies to emails, considering that not everyone checks their email every day.
Shall not post email addresses or the chapter list to the Internet


 OLETA Membership Application - Any Beta Sigma Phi sister is welcome to apply
for membership.

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